Liquid feed

Supplements for Pasture Cattle

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Molasses-based protein supplements for beef cows and stocker cattle. Customers realize the ultimate convenience and time- and labor-savings when QLF products are fed free-choice in lick wheel feeders. Management goals of other operations are best met with direct forage treatment or inclusion of QLF liquid feed supplements in bunk mixes.


qlf ignite

Low Moisture Blocks: :
QLF Ignite Low Moisture Blocks are convenient and easy-to-use to make certain your livestock are getting what they need-when they need it.

  • Controlled, Consistent Consumption
  • High Energy/Nutrient Dense
  • Vitamin & Mineral Fortified
  • Highly Palatable
  • Increased Forage Digestion
  • Weather Resistant

Why Liquid feed?

treating forages

Applying QLF directly to forages can enhance the utilization of harvested roughages.

Treating Large Round Bales
Dispersing liquid feed supplements throughout a big bale will significantly enhance the nutritional value AND palatability of hay, straw, or stalks. Simply pour on, or probe into, the face of the bale. Application rate is typically 7-10%, by weight.
At the bale processor
Mounting a tank and pump directly on the processor allows addition of QLF to the hay as it is fed. Additional benefits include dust reduction, and ability to deliver forage and supplement in a single trip.


Increase your profit by feeding QLF, you can benefit from every pound.

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